MRI® Advisory Council

Thought leaders, subject matter experts and educators collaborating on best practices in Communications.

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Market Ready Index® Advisory Council

Experts, Analysts and Academics committed to establishing the Market Ready Index® Standards of Best Practices in Communications.

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Kevin Popovic
Council President

Expert in Strategy, Creativity and Communications

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Dr. Charles Popovich
Council Vice President

Expert in Sales, Marketing and Management

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Joel Layton
IMC Co-Chair

Expert in Strategy, E-Commerce and Digital Transformation

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Shawn Elledge
IMC Co-Chair

Expert in Demand Generation, Lead Generation and IMC

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Miro Copic
Chair of Branding

Expert in Strategy, Management and Branding

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Alice Heiman
Chair of Sales

Expert in Sales Training, Management and Leadership

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Dmitry Shapiro
Chair of Multimedia

Expert in Technology, Systems and Multimedia

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Chauncey Smith
Chair of Marketing

Expert in Sales, Marketing and Management

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Sharon Anderson
Chair of Events

Expert in Event planning, management and implementation

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David Oates
Chair of Public Relations

Expert in Crisis Communications and Public Relations

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James White
Chair of Design

Expert in Strategy, Design and Communications

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David Sladack
Chair of Advertising

Expert in Strategy, Marketing and Management

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Beverly Macy
Chair of Digital

Expert in Strategy, Digital, Technology and Entertainment

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Rodney Rumford
Chair of Social Media

Expert in Strategy, Social Media, Technology and Applications

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