About MRI®

Market Ready Index® is a disruptive marketing technology platform optimizing performance across all channels of communications.


MRI® is the Innovator of Sender Analytics

Our Mission

To accelerate the best practices of integrated marketing communications by leveraging proprietary technology, discipline, and expert analysis to improve business outcomes.

Our Vision

To establish a new standard of evaluating integrated marketing communications – optimizing human, business, and artificial intelligence that enables data-driven creativity to improve Sender Analytics.


Leadership Team

The innovative professionals behind the discipline and technology.

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Kevin Popović

Inventor of the Market Ready Index concept and methodology.

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Chauncey Smith

Award-winning expert in sales and marketing strategy development.

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Raul Navarro

Thought leader in systems development and SaaS platforms.

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Karen Picard

Focused on client success, data analytics and reporting.

Our History

The concept of Market Ready Index® has evolved with every application.

  1. MRI® 1.0

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    MRI® 1.0 evaluated client marketing communications based on business information and objectives to provide insights and analytics.

  2. MRI® 2.0

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    MRI® 2.0 identified the relationships between related data sets to generate meaningful benchmarks, critical insights, and predictive analytics.

  3. MRI® 3.0

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    MRI® 3.0 is establishes a new standard: optimizing human, business, and artificial intelligence to improve Sender Analytics.

The Market Ready Index® Advisory Council

Experts, Analysts, and Academics committed to establishing the Market Ready Index® Standards of Best Practices in Communications.

Members of the Advisory Council are educated in their disciplines, many earning post-graduate and doctoral degrees. They have achieved professional excellence and have established themselves as speakers, authors, and thought leaders among their peers. Many are educators, teaching in colleges and universities and contributing their scholarly research to fellow professionals and students alike.

Read more about our Advisory Council here.

Sender Analytics vs. Receiver Analytics

How Market Ready Index® is Differentiated in the Marketing Technology Industry

  1. 1
    Transactional Model of Communications

    Key components of Sender, Message, Form, Channel, Receiver, Impact, Noise, and Feedback.

  2. 2
    Receiver Analytics

    Receiver Analytics: Measuring the result of the message after its been sent.

  3. 3
    Sender Analytics

    Sender Analytics: Assessing the message before it's sent in order to increase ROI.

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