MRI® Scores Super Bowl LVII Ads: Dunkin’ Drive-Thru with Ben

Sender Analytics score indicates performance, areas for improvement.

During Super Bowl LVII, Dunkin’ invested millions of dollars of its media budget to air a television commercial featuring Ben Affleck as a drive-thru attendant. Directed by Affleck himself, the spot features the actor offering customers a $1 donut with the purchase of a medium or large coffee and the occasional handful of Munchkins for their patience. 

AdWeek ranked the commercial #6 on their The 10 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2023.

Market Ready Index® has evaluated this television commercial according its proprietary assessment process, based on the Periodic Table of Communications, and benchmarks for best practices in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). This form was evaluated by multiple analysts, within this scope, and based on the understanding of Advertising (9.0) as a channel, and Television (9.18) as a sub-channel.


MRI analysts require relevant business information to establish proper context for accurate evaluation: a “great commercial” is conditional, based on a number of criteria, including: Business Profile, Persona Analyses, Products, Services, Sales, Business Objectives, Investments, Market Perception, References and other related Documentation. For the purposes of this demonstration, assumptions were made based on common market knowledge.


MRI® provides analysis of communications at an elemental level: Impact, Visual, Statement, Content, Message, Action, Perception, Brand and Schema. Based on the type of company (Business-to-Consumer), and their leadership role in their industry, their target score is between 56.0066.00 for Level 3 Advertising > Television.

Qualitative Data – Market Ready Index® Assessment

Based on a detailed understanding of these elements and their respective Attributes (each indicated as a segment of the graphs above), the analysis of this form scores 54.66. Form scores, like this one, are totaled to created sub-channel scores, sub-channel scores are totaled to create channel scores, and channel scores are totaled to provide an overall Market Ready Index® score.


To better understand the quantitative numbers of the evaluation, we provide the qualitative words in an easy-to-follow format that aligns with the numbers above.

  • The visual appeal is good. In this evaluation, the art direction is sound, and the graphic design supports the objectives. In addition, the style is relevant, the use of color is appropriate, and the imagery supports the message. Overall, the visual creates positive synergy.
  • The statement contained in this form is great and communicates clearly. The statement appears to connect with the audience in a language they respond to and promotes engagement.
  • In the broadest context, the content is excellent. In this form, the content provides a well-designed construct; providing meaningful words, captivating audio, relevant video, and is delivered by memorable talent that provides cohesion.
  • The message is good, meaning that the sender provides a foundational understanding that is relevant to the receiver. The continuity is visible, applying appropriate voice, and providing a functional depth of understanding.
  • Based on the defined persona(s), the call-to-action is viewed to be poor by not providing an appropriate catalyst for response and fails to motivate the audience into activity.
  • The perception for this form is trending to great, reaching a general market and uniquely resonating with the audience. It is the analyst’s perspective that the form establishes a differentiated offering that clearly challenges the category.
  • The brand is evaluated as great by strategically implementing key characteristics and fulfills the brand promise. This form applies basic brand guides, which builds recall. This form also presents differentia and creates the highest probability for affinity with persona(s).
  • The schema presented in this form is good. In relation to assumed objectives, we find the schema provides a purposeful structure and facilitates processes in order to generate an absolute synergy between the form and persona(s).

This data also provides critical insights that identify areas for improvement and optimization.

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