MRI® Certified Analysts

IMC Experts responsible for Assessment and Consulting based on MRI® best practices.

The Source for Truth in MarCom.™.

Experts in Integrated Marketing Communications

Our Scope

Market Ready Index® Analysts assist clients in utilizing a disruptive marketing technology platform focused on optimizing performance across all channels of communications.

Our Service

MRI® Analysts are experts in Integrated Marketing Communications, active in the field, and trained on the discipline, system, reporting and monitoring.


Market Ready Index® Certified Analysts

Market Ready Index® Analysts apply objective evaluation to Integrated Marketing Communications.

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Chauncey Smith
MRI® Certified Analyst

Expert in Fortune 500 Sales and Marketing, Co-Founder of Market Ready Index®

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Kevin Popović
MRI® Certified Analyst

Expert in Integrated Marketing Communications, Founder of Market Ready Index

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Alice Heiman
MRI® Certified Analyst

Author, Speaker, Expert in Sales, Sales Training, Management and Leadership

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Miro Copic
MRI® Certified Analyst

Expert in Branding, Strategy, Leadership, Professor at San Diego State University

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Gary Napotnik
MRI® Certified Analyst

Expert in Demand Generation, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, Digital Marketing

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Juha Herranen
MRI® Certified Analyst

Strategic leader, Marketing, Advertising, and Business Development Expert.

Use Case: Metagenics

“Market Ready Index demonstrated value to our resellers by helping them better understand where they were today and where they needed to be to meet their business goals – and that’s why we launched it to our co-op program nationally.”


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Understanding Market Ready Index® Certified

Market Ready Index® Analysts provide an objective perspective to the leadership and organizations they support.

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    An expert-level understanding of Integrated Marketing Communications.

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    Leverages Sender Analytics to optimize MarCom performance and increase ROI.

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    Facilitates cross-functional collaboration to align and execute against objectives..

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