MRI® Dashboard

Real-time reporting of IMC performance to facilitate cross-functional collaboration.

Innovating Sender Analytics.


Real-time Reporting of MarCom Performance

Get the data you need to make informed decisions, facilitate cross-functional collaboration to meet business objectives and increase the ROI on Marketing Communications.

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Learn how to define channels, differentiate subchannels, and explore how each is performing


Real-time data and analysis, across all channels and subchannels, in a single dashboard


An objective perspective from multiple sources generating both quantitative and qualitative data


Comprehensive report and executive summary representing performance and benchmarks by channel and subchannel


Visual presentation, discussion of data, and channel-by-channel review to improve knowledge transfer


From upload to download, MRI supports clients, agencies and leadership throughout the assessment process

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The MRI® Dashboard

Disruptive marketing technology for objectively measuring and monitoring the performance of an Integrated Marketing Communications platform.

  1. 1
    Establish Baseline

    Compare initial assessments and benchmarks against third -party business intelligence

  2. 2
    Implement Change

    Take action, based on quantitative and qualitative data, to impact Sender Analytics with data-led creativity

  3. 3
    Optimize, Strategy and Insights

    Monitor benchmarks, data and visualizations to optimize all channel and subchannel performance

"Whatever we can measure we can manage, grow and improve."

- Alice Heiman, Chair of Sales, Market Ready Index® Advisory Council

What Market Ready Index® Users Say

Insights from Professionals Who Adopt the MRI Platform

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With MRI Assessments, our agency can bring objectivity to new clients in order to build trust and relationships.

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We can measure every channel with Market Ready Index, which means we can manage every channel.

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With MRI, our leadership team can make strategic decisions because the data tells us how to meet our goals.

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