MRI® for Leadership

Market Ready Index® helps CXOs, VPs and Directors strategize, align and execute.


“If leadership can’t understand how well Marketing and Sales are really working, it’ll never meet its business goals.”


Leadership makes big decisions.

By definition, a leader leads, enables, and supports people and teams to achieve the goals and objectives that contribute to the growth of the organization.

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Based on experience and knowledge, leadership makes critical decisions about how resources should be allocated to impact the company's success.


Creating unity between the company’s mission and the way departments and individual contributors affect business outcomes.


The implementation of a strategic plan to reach organizational goals comprised of structures, systems, and operational goals ensures success.

Measure, Monitor, Optimize: Get Market Ready Index®


Not all data is created equally.

The 4 Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) are being challenged by the 4 Cs (Consumer, Cost, Convenience, Communication) as Marketing as a discipline is evolving at an accelerated pace. Marketing technologies have proven insightful and frustrating at the same time.

Incomplete Evaluation

Traditional channels of communications have expanded with technology, splintering into subchannels of specialization. Digital has become a dominant force and demands a growing share of most marketing budgets. The struggle to evaluate has compounded with disparate systems using separate measurements, making it difficult or impossible to understand what works best.

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Competing Strategies

Over the last 10 years, mass media has become secondary to social media with changing patterns of consumer consumption. Media fragmentation has created market fragmentation as consumers follow specific interests, channels, or trends. Today, more people and more decisions are required to create an integrated marketing communications plan that achieves business objectives.

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Inconsistent Optimization

Optimization has become even more challenging because traditional analog channels (i.e., branding, public relations, sales, et al) provide the same accuracy or metrics as compulsory digital channels. The perception of measurement is often confused with actionable data; there’s a difference between having knowledge and knowing what it means. Marketers at all stages are then tasked with making positive changes to reach critical KPIs based on incomplete data.

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Market Ready Index® helps marketing departments evaluate, strategize, and optimize

Marketing department customers are realizing that adopting a Market Ready Index® discipline improves efficiency, and leveraging our technology platform is helping them make critical improvements throughout their organization.

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Sender Analytics

Measure and evaluate all channels and subchannels of communications using a new discipline, and optimize Receiver Analytics by addressing Sender Analytics.

Data-Driven Creativity

Create more effective strategies that better meet business objectives more consistently by applying data-driven creativity to all forms of communications.

Channel Optimization

Make well-informed decisions to improve efficiency of marketing spend by channel and subchannel, leveraging real-time dashboard monitoring over time.

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Exceed business objectives.

The ability for marketing departments to flourish depends on their ability to meet business objectives on a regular basis, over time. Consistent and accurate evaluation is critical to understanding your organization's current position in the marketplace, while new strategies for analog and digital channels are required to properly impact target markets. By implementing a proven process for optimization, marketing leaders can consistently increase revenue and set up the department for long-term success.

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