MRI® + Metagenics

Use Case: How Metagenics leveraged Market Ready Index® to help healthcare providers make strategic investments.



MRI® + Metagenics

"Market Ready Index demonstrated to our resellers where they were today and where they needed to be to achieve their business goals – and that's why we launched MRI® to our co-op program nationally.

A History of Solutions

For over 30 years, Metagenics has delivered high-quality, science-based nutritional supplements, medical foods, and lifestyle programs to support healthcare practitioners in their efforts to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals.

Metagenics has differentiated itself from other manufacturers by creating solutions—not just products—with resellers' goals and challenges in mind. For example, their Cooperative Advertising Program awards $10,000 for every $100,000 of sales. The more products a healthcare provider sells, the more dollars are reinvested into their sale-generating activities.

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A Problem With Impact

Most healthcare practitioners focus on being experts in their practice, not marketing communications. Most of their marketing strategies came from ad hoc meetings with medical personnel and followed common knowledge best practices, positioning themselves in the middle of an already crowded marketplace.

While some practices earned more than $100,000 in co-op rewards, the additional advertising dollars were often spent on more of the same or single extravagant investments that did not regenerate sales as intended.

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Objective Assessment

Market Ready Index® identified three healthcare providers representing their primary markets: Health, Wellness, and Functionality. Each provider received an MRI® Assessment, which examines representative samples of their marketing communications in each of the channels utilized over the last 12 months.

MRI® Certified Analysts objectively evaluated the samples based on their expertise, established best practices, and the Periodic Table of Communications. The resulting data and analysis were formally presented within a detailed report by the analysts responsible for evaluation and utilized as the basis for subsequent strategic consulting.

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Finding the ROI

Market Ready Index® was able to help healthcare providers better understand how prepared they actually were to compete in their marketplace and how they might strategically invest their cooperative advertising dollars in the future. Metagenics increased its return on investment in its cooperative advertising program and, ultimately, achieved its business objectives.

"Market Ready Index demonstrated to our resellers where they were today and where they needed to be to meet their business goals – and that’s why it was launched for our co-op program nationally.”

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Get the Details

Market Ready Index® provides predictive analytics for marketing communications, which answers the question, “What might happen in the future?” Our suite of services accelerates the best practices of integrated marketing communications by leveraging proprietary technology, scientific discipline, and expert analysis to improve business outcomes.

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