MRI® Beta Program

Early access to the most comprehensive analysis of Integrated Marketing Communications.

The Source for Truth in MarCom.™

Access the most disruptive marketing technology

Our Mission

To accelerate the best practices of integrated marketing communications by leveraging proprietary technology, discipline and expert analysis to improve business outcomes.

Your Opportunity

To establish a new standard of evaluating integrated marketing communications – optimizing performance that enables data-led creativity to improve Sender Analytics.

Objective Assessment

The Market Ready Index® Assessment delivers an objective analysis of an integrated marketing communications (IMC) program: Branding, Sales, Multimedia, Marketing, Events, Public Relations, Social Media, Design, Advertising, and Digital. The resulting MRI Report helps clients better understand how prepared the messages are to meet business objectives.

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Consulting with Context

Market Ready Index® Analysts provide expert perspective on MRI Reports across all channels of Communications. Secure and confidential, Analysts work one-on-one with clients, agencies, and leadership to understand the data and to discuss the options available in order to make strategic decisions that turn issues into action items.

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Real-Time Dashboard

Market Ready Index® Dashboard provides realtime feedback that answers: “How are we doing?” Access the dashboard across departments to compare initial analysis with improvement initiatives to understand impact and efficacy. Integrate business intelligence across all channels to correlate actions to outcomes, providing proof that investments are generating returns.

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What Market Ready Index® Clients Say

Insights from Professionals Who Adopt the MRI Platform

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With MRI Assessments, we can bring objectivity to new clients in order to build trust and relationships.

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We can measure every channel with Market Ready Index, which means we can manage every channel.

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With MRI, our leadership team can make strategic decisions because the data tells us how to meet our goals.

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