Service Branding is a strategy in which a provider’s services become its products, which can then be uniquely marketed to optimize reach and sales.

Service branding plays an important role in the contribution to value creation and economic growth at the company level. Unlike products, services are not tangible. They need to be experienced — and experienced as you intended. Here, you are setting an expectation for the standard of service. Although tied to a product, the famous lonely Maytag repairman reassured customers that on the off chance their Maytag appliance broke down, someone friendly and trustworthy was there to fix it. 

Unlike products, your services do not even exist until they are purchased. Service branding, then, becomes doubly important. First, you must convince a prospect that the service is worth purchasing. Then, you must convince that now-customer the service is worth using, sharing, and upgrading. Best Buy was very successful in selling service agreements for a wide range of technology products with the Geek Squad. This was a good example of well-targeted and effective service branding that took advantage of a retailer’s expertise by launching a companion service brand. 

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