Retail Branding is a strategy in which a retailer’s stores become its products, which can then be uniquely marketed to optimize reach and sales.

Similar to corporate branding as a concept, retail branding refers to the process in which a retailer’s stores and outlets — and the names, symbols, and logos within — become the product. This can be understood as a comprehensive and integrated marketing management concept, focusing on building long-term customer loyalty and customer preference.

Loyalty to a store means loyalty to that store’s products and services, which means repeat customers and repeat sales. By allowing prospects and customers alike to identify with your retail brand, you’ve already closed the gap on generating a sale. They recognize your store brand, they understand what’s expected upon entering that store, and it is incumbent on the marketer to build as many favorable associations as to why customers should shop at the store. In today’s competitive environment, retail branding requires a multi-channel approach. The brand’s shopping experience must be consistent both offline and online or through other ways of shopping, like catalogs.

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