International Branding is a form of geographical branding used to help businesses maintain and expand their brand outside of their home country.

International branding refers to how a company’s brand scales at the global level. When a brand expands outside of its domestic market, it must ensure that its brand positioning is relevant and transferable to other markets. While a brand may adjust its marketing strategy, the tone of its messaging, and/or other facets to better resonate with the local audience, its brand positioning must remain consistent. Wherever people travel the world, Coca-Cola’s or Mercedes-Benz’s branding is remarkably consistent. Even McDonald’s branding is consistent but allows for some product differences in global markets to be more relevant to local tastes.  

International branding opens your business to new markets and new customers while also building rapport and credibility at the global level. Effective international branding allows your brand to transcend language barriers and cultural differences to start a conversation and to become relevant in the eyes of customers worldwide.

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