Social media advertising refers to any digital advertising efforts which are planned, executed, and run on social media platforms.

Social media advertising utilizes popular social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn to convey your company’s products, services, or offers. Taking the form of photos, videos, slideshows, or trailers, this content becomes integrated into users’ feeds and can be engaged via a clear call-to-action button or command. From there, the user can visit a specific product page, full video, or other designated landing page.

Social media advertising can directly lead to sales but can also improve your brand awareness, website traffic, and many other important online benchmarks. This form of advertising can convey several messages at once via concurrent campaigns, allowing you to reach different audiences in different places, all in an easily trackable, data-driven fashion. Utilized properly, a business can receive relevant data even when the prospect does not purchase, capturing their information and then leveraging it in future remarketing campaigns. This turns an organization’s social platforms into legitimate lead-generation channels, increasing the likelihood of future sales.