Reputation management, or online reputation management (ORM), refers to the services and suggestions provided to a company out of public view to influence their public relations and public-facing efforts.

Reputation management is often a separate person(s) from a company’s public relations team but serves a similar domain. While public relations is visible and will connect directly with media agencies and personalities, these teams typically work behind the scenes, advising a company of how, when, and where to respond and to act.

Reputation management is increasingly relevant in today’s rapid-fire, largely online-based world. With a massive, global audience available with every post, tweet, or share, this helps influence the most informed decisions that will lead to positive results and that will cultivate position perception for your business. Nike, for example, created a separate division, TeamNikeSupport, to centralize all customer complaints in one area. decreasing response time and aggressively resolving all complaints before they became a larger issue.