A remix is a multimedia format in which a user takes a previously established or understood foundation — usually audio, a photo, or a video — and alters it to create a new piece of content.

A remix relies upon existing, usually viral videos and photos as a basis for creating new content. Using well-known and widely shared pieces of content, users can make slight (or drastic) edits which are immediately identifiable as the original work — with the given user’s particular twist. Memes and various online “challenge” videos such as Drake’s “In My Feelings” challenge represent some of the most prominent examples of remixes in today’s digital landscape. 

Remixes provide instant recognition to your audience by utilizing a popular “template” as a basis for creation. With remixes, your work will be understood immediately, as the original video, image, or reference file will already be ingrained in the mind of your audience. From there, remixes afford your business the ability to showcase its creativity and its brand as a whole by adding your unique twist and perspective.