Personal Branding refers to the deliberate effort to craft and influence public perception and persona of an individual by positioning them as an authority, personality, or notable figure in their given industry.

Personal branding can elevate a person’s status and credibility, helping them to stand out among their peers. This leads to advancements and opportunities, benefiting not just the individual, but the company the individual is associated with as well. CEOs and business thought leaders, such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, provide excellent examples of strong personal brands. 

With the evolution of social media, personal brands have reached new heights, as users can “follow” and “like” individuals, rather than entire companies or corporations. Strong individual brands, then, become attractive for businesses as a whole, as more eyes on that individual equal more eyes on the company and its products and services, too. Well-known individuals have elevated their brands to become influencers in social media. Done correctly, this can be effective in enhancing a company’s reputation and reach.