Domestic branding is a form of geographical branding used to differentiate a product or service by using a defined, local region (state, county, etc.) to add authenticity to the brand’s positioning.

Domestic branding helps competing products and services stand out by relying upon features or qualities unique to a particular region. For example, there is a fierce battle for who makes the most authentic barbeque sauce. Various regions compete for that honor. For example, Kansas City BBQ, Carolina BBQ, and Texas BBQ can all refer to types of barbecue sauce and seasonings, but each comes with a built-in, unique twist born from its place of origin. Equally, New York- or Chicago-style pizza clearly differentiates the type of pizza in the mind of a customer. 

Domestic branding creates powerful local ties and can provide a strong tool for value creation. By showcasing a particular region’s unique flair and style, these products are able to immediately stand out and attract attention from interested prospects or suspects. By integrating properly at the domestic level, your company looks aware, in-tune, and in-touch with its region.