Directory advertising is any advertising that appears in a specific directory, such as the Yellow Pages.

Directory advertising utilizes heavily trafficked directories and resources, targeting specific, defined places to reach a business’ intended audience. In the physical world, advertising in the phone book represents a common example of this. With the rise of digital, however, popular online sources have in part replaced the use of phone books. These services include Yelp, Foursquare, Google My Business, and more.

Directory advertising pre-filters your audience based on location or by interest. By using targeted directories, your business can efficiently reach specific audiences interested in specific items or living in specific locations. This increases the likelihood of turning a suspect into a prospect, potentially initiating the conversation that leads to a sale. Even better, this form of advertising typically makes the job of your company and/or its sales representatives more streamlined, as the customer arrives with some knowledge of the product or service he or she would like to explore.