Corporate branding identifies the organization in the market or may be used as a form of “family branding” for a line of goods or services.

With corporate branding, a business’ global name is utilized as the identifier or symbol for the broad essence of the organization. This form of branding is used as the primary brand identifier (versus individual sub-brands). Many organizations use a corporate brand as the main brand they use for all stakeholders, such as customers, employees, shareholders, other investors, and public agencies. Done effectively, these brands allow for a line of goods anchored by that name and identifier. 

Corporate branding impacts audience and media perception. McDonald’s. Starbucks. DuPont. Nike. Apple. Read those names, and think about what comes to mind. You probably tied a feeling to the name. In addition, you probably thought of a specific product or products that fall under the global brand — like McDonald’s Happy Meals or Starbucks Frappuccinos. Well-positioned, these brands will bring positive brand associations. However, there likely will be a wide range of feelings and expectations your customers, prospects, and stakeholders will associate with your business. To have a strong corporate brand, the positive and good experiences must far outweigh negative or bad experiences.