Audio is sound that has been recorded, transmitted, or reproduced.

Audio is recorded sound within the acoustic range that can be understood by people. Sound is a sequence of naturally occurring analog signals that are converted to digital signals. An audio file is a record of captured sound that can be played. When sound is played, the signals are sent to speakers, where they are converted back to analog signals that generate varied sounds.

Most organizations utilize audio to help communicate information, especially when it needs to be repeated frequently or during specific instances. Evolved brands consider how they design their sound/s. This concept, called “sonic DNA,” is an important part of a brand’s expression and recognition, especially when it’s combined with a brand’s graphic design. Effective audio — be it on-hold messaging, a narration for an instructional video, a jingle (Think the Intel, Apple, or Netflix startup sounds), or naturally occurring sounds in an environment — can dramatically impact the understanding of the content, revenue stream, and the experience provided.