Advocacy is a dedicated form of customer service in which businesses focus time, resources, and attention upon initiatives and processes that will best serve their customers.

Advocacy is a customer-centric approach to a business’ policy and culture in which a customer’s needs drive the company’s approach to various sales, advertising, and marketing initiatives. Within an advocacy-based approach, a company may even introduce a product or launch an advertising campaign which they know will produce a lower return on investment as long as it better meets customer needs. Advocacy is strongly tied to retention due to the focus on customer satisfaction. 

Advocacy shows your business cares about its customers and will look to satisfy their needs above all else. With a relentless and focused organic approach to customer advocacy programs, your business can create customers who recommend your product, who produce favorable reviews, who share your products and services on social media and/or their websites, and who may even invest in your company now or in the future.