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A 10-year veteran of an award-winning agency; author, educator, influencer, thought leader.

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Writing and Marketing

My name is Hunter Homistek, and I'm an expert writer and digital marketer. After high school, I thought I wanted to be a brain surgeon. I was accepted to West Virginia University’s honors college and then … I realized I didn’t have medical dreams. At all. During my junior year, I started writing CD reviews for a small blog, which led to me writing for WVU’s newspaper, which led to me editing WVU’s newspaper, which led to me changing my major, earning a degree in journalism, and working with everyone from UFC champions to Pittsburgh Steelers over the next 10 years. Throughout that process, I planned and executed digital marketing plans for various companies, including FloSports and DK Pittsburgh Sports, helping them grow their brands, generate sales, and become thought leaders in their respective spaces. Now, I’m taking all these lessons and applying them to the Market Ready Index process and methodology, helping your business understand how to do the same.

Professional Experience

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  1. Media Source of the Year

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    Under my direction as associate editor and content marketer, FloCombat received back-to-back nominations for "Media Source of the Year" at the Fighters Only World MMA Awards in Las Vegas.

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    Design, implement, and execute digital marketing strategies for a variety of clients in the Greater Pittsburgh area and beyond.

Solutions exist for your problems — and I want to help you find them.

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When I took over this company there several problems that needed to be addressed. At the top of the list was corporate branding. This is where I turned to my trusted advisor Kevin Popovic. Having worked with Kevin in the past I knew I would get someone who had the creative talent and passion to drive a meaningful solution. Kevin lead us through the assessment, ideation and implementation of our new brand which has served as the foundation to remake this company.

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Gordon Krass, CEO

First, I want it on record that you provided us with excellent work. In addition, your personal commitment to the NobelBiz team spirit was an incredible added value in so many ways. You’re a leader and an often inspiration. I found that you were equally interested in providing sound advice while, similarly, able to accept insights and direction. You are a special person with a valuable service!

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Steven Bederman
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