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Market Ready Index® helps sales teams win new business, create better work, and generate more revenue.

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“If you’re not leading your clients to a better place, they’re going to look for an agency that will.”


Advertising used to be simple.

When many of us got started in this business, three-martini lunches were still the norm, and the development of new client relationships mirrored closely what most saw on shows like Mad Men. Even then, leaders such as David Ogilvy knew, “The general advertisers and their agencies know almost nothing for sure, because they cannot measure the results of their advertising”.

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WIN New biz

New accounts were landed in the bar, at a sporting event, or on the golf course. You got your chance to present by relentless networking and relationship building.


Good work meant the client liked it, and a good story could take the place of real data. As long as the work reasonably performed within the marketplace, everything was fine.


As long as the client liked the work, the client invested in media across multiple channels and the agency made its 15% on a regular basis — as long as it kept the account.

Measure, Monitor, Optimize: Get Market Ready Index®


The Agency biz isn’t as simple as it used to be.

The responsibilities of the agency have expanded and Clients ask for more — and expect more — at a lower cost per mille (CPM).

Competition Increased

There are more agencies today than ever because there is a lower barrier to entry, meaning there are multiple agencies pitching the same client. Because of technology and the advent of digital marketing, every millennial who has figured out how to use Google AdWords is a digital marketer, and after a couple successful client stories, they hang out their shingle to compete with you. With lower overhead, new agencies are able to operate more efficiently, at lower costs, while offering rates lower than traditional agencies.

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Scope of Work Narrows

Today, integrated marketing communications (IMC) is the gold standard, addressing all the channels and the subchannels required for a client platform. The trend among clients today is to engage multiple agencies with particular expertise for singular assignments, such as SEO, Social Media, and Analytics. These specialized resources offer the unique mix of skills required to develop and improve each subchannel's return on investment.

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Revenue Streams Changed

Media commissions have steadily decreased over time, with some as low as 0%, removing the largest source of revenue. Agency retainers have become infrequent as clients cherry-pick agencies and demand project-based work on an as-needed basis. Additional revenue can be gained through ongoing services, such as social media and content marketing, but require demonstrated performance through measurement and metrics to keep your slice of the pie.

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Market Ready Index® helps sales leaders win new business, do better work, and increase revenue.

Our sales customers realize that adopting a Market Ready Index® discipline improves efficiency, and leveraging the patented technology platform helps them make critical improvements to their process and methodology.

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Real Differentiation

Assess key accounts by analyzing sender analytics and opportunities for improvement with executive-level reporting, data visualization, industry trends, and critical analysis.

Data-Driven Creativity

Identify opportunities from quantitative data and qualitative analysis to optimize each form of communication by leveraging human, business, and artificial intelligence.

Increase Revenue

Engage prospective clients in meaningful conversations and stimulate current accounts with new marketing technologies that help increase top-line revenue with recurring monthly services.

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Be the Agency Clients Follow.

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