This is a new tool in the tool box—metrics before you go to market, quantitative and qualitative data that shows you how prepared you are to compete.

MRI Assessment

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The Market Ready Index® Assessment delivers an objective, 10,000-foot report of how prepared a business is to communicate with its target markets today and how prepared it is to compete for sales in the marketplace tomorrow based on its goals.

  • Understands the business, market, and goals

  • Educates with definitions and executive overviews

  • Evaluates info, items, and activity in every channel

  • Measured against published standards

  • Details positives, negatives, opportunities, and advantages

Each score contributes to an overall score for comparison against the industry average and target scores for best practices. Insightful commentary throughout the report provides specifics into the numbers. A thorough presentation by an expert in Communications ensures the knowledge transfer is complete.

MRI Consulting

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Market Ready Index Consulting provides access to experts in Communications. One-hundred percent confidential, you will work one-on-one with leaders and key resources to address issues and to provide perspective. Together, you will discuss the options available to make informed decisions and to implement strategies that turn issues into action items.

  • Work with an expert in Communications

  • Address every item in the Assessment

  • Learn about options and implications of each

  • Turn your issues into action items

  • Organize items in phases and scopes of work

Off-site, on-site, online: We provide consulting services tailored to our clients’ unique needs and requirements. We strive to understand the people we work with, their business culture, and how we can best manage their account.

Service Referrals

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Market Ready Index Services provide referrals to vetted professionals who provide the strategic, creative, and technical resources you need to address the action items you can’t handle with your current staff and skill sets.

  • Market Ready Index® Certified Service Providers

  • Professionals who work according to our Best Practices

  • Service Providers respond to Consultant’s SOW’s

  • Consultants review all Scopes of Work for accuracy

  • All work guaranteed to meet target scores

From planning through production, Market Ready Index can refer resources for all types of creative development. Print, TV, radio, outdoor, collateral, direct, audio, video, web – everything. Our referral agencies have developed processes for every type of creative project, providing a stable foundation for experimentation and innovation.




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