dr-tom-insinna-sqAs a franchise owner in East Aurora, New York, I make investments every day to ensure my business’ success.

Wellness and weight loss is a very competitive space, and I have to make smart investments to compete. At the heart of these investments is a discussion: “Is it worth it?” That’s always the underlying concern for me and my wife. And it’s one I’ve heard myself at NutriMost.

When people first walk in, they might say, “Oh my gosh. It’s $2,000. That’s a lot of money!” But if they go through the program, and they say, “You know what? I’m down 45 to 50 pounds. I don’t have the cravings anymore. I don’t have the hunger anymore. I’m not thinking about food all the time. I was able to lose this weight pretty easily. My skin’s better. My hair looks better. My life has changed. I’m not on these medications.”

When you add all that up, you say, “$2,000, OK, what is it worth to get off diabetes medication?” Well, there’s no price to put on that.

When I learned about Ideahaus’ Market Ready Index™ (MRI), the feeling was a familiar one: Is this worth it?

Reporting: Identifying the issues

Ideahaus’ team put me at ease and made me feel comfortable enrolling in MRI Reporting, where I’d learn more about how prepared my business was to compete in the marketplace.

Throughout the MRI Reporting phase, I learned how my business performed in several key areas of communications. The value was immediately apparent.

Ideahaus’ Communications Director, Kevin Popovic, asked me if I had a Facebook page, and I said ‘No.’ I never set up a Facebook page, and I certainly didn’t know how to locate it if I did. After a quick scan, his team found one and said, “I thought you said you didn’t have a Facebook page.” I didn’t even know I had a Facebook page! That’s how bad I was.


In understanding where I was missing the mark, though, I could begin to make improvements. Their team provided me with useful, quantifiable data, showcasing exactly where I should begin to invest moving forward.

Consulting: Turning issues into action items

The issues identified in MRI Reporting were addressed in MRI Consulting. We were able to talk about every issue they found and discuss my options. In the end, we took all of my issues and turned them into action items. With this list of actions required, I could determine which ones I was going to address and where I needed help.


Before, I thought I was doing what everyone was doing (and I thought that was enough). I was doing some radio, doing some newspaper. It wasn’t working exceptionally well, and I thought it was our area, but, truthfully, I didn’t know what it was.

I was very confused. I learned I wasn’t taking advantage of everything out there, and Ideahaus’ team helped me realize that. With Consulting, we took these problem areas and discussed strategies and plans, over time, for making improvements.

Services: Help where its needed

In MRI Services, everything came together, and I realized this program was exactly what I needed. Ideahaus’ team took my business’ messaging and brought it all together across every channel of communications.

If someone is on social media, they see one message. If they go on my website, they see the same message. If they hear me on the radio, on television, it’s all the same message, and it keeps ringing home what we want to get across.

I’ve had people say the revised messaging strategy was like a godsend. “I was ready to give up, then I heard you on the radio, then I saw the newspaper ad, then I got on Facebook.” They’ve seen all three and they say, “OK, I need to see this for myself now.”

With Ideahaus, being able to call and say, “I think we need something for the summer,” and within an hour somebody texts me back and says, “For $150, we’ll do that for you,” it’s like the MasterCard commercial—it’s priceless.

That’s definitely worth it. It’s an investment at first, but once you’re in, you’re in, and you get all the benefits that come with it. It’s well worth it when you see how it all comes together and experience it firsthand.

Moving Forward: The Future with Ideahaus®

Through MRI Reporting, Consulting, and Services, Ideahaus showed me that I was living in the ‘80s and trying to run a 21st-century business. That just doesn’t work. Through their education, their responsiveness, and their commitment to helping me truly understand communications, I feel far more in control. I feel far more qualified, now, to get this message into my community.

I’m not a communications professional—but you don’t to be to find value in the MRI. It’s a great feeling to have people working for me who really understand this. Ideahaus can not only put it all into terms that make sense, but then they can execute it for you, too.

So, when we first talked about the MRI, I honestly felt like I could’ve said, “I’ll give you $100 and I’ll tell you this: I stink at everything.” And we could’ve saved a lot of time.

But when you add it up and say, “How much have I spent with Ideahaus?” and then ask, “How much have I made because of that?” Just like NutriMost, it’s not $2,000 just for me to give you a diet and some drops. It’s the entire program. I’m not just looking at the price. I’m looking at the benefits.

And when I look at the benefits, being able to say, “Oh, I need Ideahaus to handle this,” then they do. That’s above and beyond what the initial cost indicates.

Was the investment in the MRI worth it?

Dr. Tom InsinnaI’ll put it this way: This week, I expect to have more people sign up than I have had since I started the program. That speaks for itself.

Beyond the benefits to my franchise, I think Ideahaus represents the vehicle that could take NutriMost toward becoming a nationally recognized brand. They work closely with our corporate office, they have our branding down pat, and they understand how it all comes together. Their team showed they could execute everything I needed—and more.

The Market Ready Index™ program, without a doubt, worked for me. It made me far more successful, and it’s been a lot easier for me to guide my communications with Ideahaus’ team backing me every step of the way.

It’s a no-brainer. I don’t know why everyone isn’t on this same bandwagon I am. It’s like NutriMost—it works. – Dr. Tom Insinna