When you’re a small business or an entrepreneur, you check out a lot of things and you try a lot of things. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t, but at least you checked it out. This is a commonly adopted strategy of many businesses: trial-and-error.

Dr. Dorian Quinn, Owner

A Client’s Perspective on the Market Ready Index

Dr. Dorian Quinn owns a NutriMost franchise in Portland, Oregon and makes investments every day, in time, in money—even in emotion.  When he makes an investment, he expects a return—something of greater value than when he started—that will make his business better.

Each investment a business owner like Dr. Quinn makes is intended to improve the business, in one way or another, and sometimes these owners don’t know where to make the best investment. Without direction, it’s a guess—call it intuition or experience—and good business depends on getting it right.

Investing in Communications

  • Is what we are doing working?

  • Are we reaching our customers?

  • Are we really prepared to compete in an overcrowded marketplace?

With the MRI score, the fact that you’re looking at 10 different areas—things I hadn’t even thought about—that was useful. It’s good to know where I’m starting from so I know where to go to. I could see where my weakest links are, and then I can start to work on that.

Dr. Dorian Quinn, Owner

One of the biggest investments for any business is in the communications it needs to reach its customers: all of the different ways a business can reach its target in its market. Some of the channels will reach your customers—and some will not—but all of them will cost something: time, money, or emotion.

When Dr. Quinn answered these queries objectively, the answer was, “I don’t know.”

With each attempt the business owner asks themselves, at one point or another, “Is what we are doing working? Are we reaching our customers? Are we really prepared to compete in an overcrowded marketplace?”

As Dr. Quinn notes, one of the major benefits of the MRI is the educational component—providing business owners with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. The MRI Report is designed to help clients prepare for long-term success by expanding their knowledge and understanding of communications, all while producing short-term results for improving their channels of communications.

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