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Market Ready Index® Standards of Best Practices

Predictive analytics to reduce risks, optimize operations and increase revenue.

Market Ready Index® helps business leaders improve their ability to compete in the marketplace.

Since 2015, MRI has used academic knowledge, business information, and industry trends to create an annually published Standards of Best Practices in Communications. These standards are the criteria applied to an objective Assessment based on business information, and the foundation of our Consulting.

We support the people who do the work, marketing leaders and their agencies, in order to answer questions from CXO’s and investors that need to know how the work is performing.

Developed in collaboration with educators from universities, experts in communications, and industry thought leaders that comprise the Market Ready Index® Academic Council, these standards work with our technology systems to consistently measure the items and activities in 10 different communications channels: branding, marketing, advertising, design, internet, social media, multimedia, public relations, events, and sales.

Kevin Popovic
Kevin PopovicFounder
Chauncey Smith
Chauncey SmithConsultant
Jeff Schranz
Jeff SchranzConsultant
Susan Cashion
Susan CashionConsultant
Hunter Homistek
Hunter HomistekConsultant
Emiliano Bonanno
Emiliano BonannoConsultant