Congratulations on completing your Market Ready Index™ Self-Assessment.

Your total score is: 0

Your total score is a result of analyzing all of the individual scores for each channel of communication. Look to the score in each channel for more insights into how that channel is performing against the target scores for your type of business.

Branding: /-63
Marketing: /-71
Advertising: /-65
Design: /-65
Internet: /-65
Social Media: /-63
Multimedia: /-67
PR: /-61
Events: /-71
Sales: /-71

Although this self-assessment is a limited investigation, these general numbers based on your subjective opinion should provide some insights about where your business is today, and where you could make improvements in these channels of communication. This data shows that your business could be better prepared to communicate with your target markets, and could be better prepared to compete in your marketplace.

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Click on the PDF icon to download a copy of your self-assessment. Share the results with your team to facilitate a discussion about how you could make improvements in your market readiness. Have questions about the results? Contact us.

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